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An afternoon out

What’s wrong with Live Writer?

I haven’t tried using Live Writer in ages, and thought I might see whether it still worked with the blog. The answer is that I can’t get through to WordPress. I wonder whether this is because when I try logging on to WP from the blog, I get an error message and whatever is behind that problem prevents me from posting with Live Writer.

While I used to think that my problem logging on was because of the petty-mindedness of the imperial government, it turns out that other people, who are on the far side of the Great Wall of Paranoia, have been having the same problem.

Anyway, I did go for my adventure eventually, having had a snooze and mucked around online first.

I mostly stuck to back streets, which preserve old Wuxi in all its ancient grubbiness. Behind 新光泽路 still lurks 古污秽街. I went down the street alongside the newish Wuxi Gymnasium where the grotty shops contrast with the new building across the road.

I was heading back round in this direction when who should I see at a nearby bus stop but Fred, who asked me if I had a key to the office because he’d been unable to get back in last night after class, and had had to leave all his kit in there. But that I should happen to turn up at the right moment was a complete coincidence.


Another week of fun and excitement

Well, not really.

Things seem to have settled down since the start of term, which means the boring routine of getting up far too early and then teaching the same stuff I taught last year. However, this year’s new project is vocabulary. Among the books which turned up were ones on intermediate and advanced vocabulary, and since the little darlings love those TOEFL and IELTS word list books from which they learn nothing at all, I thought that some proper vocabulary exercises would be much more useful.

Meanwhile, Mark has taken newsademic off my hands to use with the reading club which he and Fred hold after school for the IB and A-level students.

I see that things have changed slightly here on WordPress with a revised menu bar.

The weather has gone from horrible and cool to pleasant and mild, and, fortunately, not as hot as it was about a week and a half ago. The word on the street isn’t encouraging with autumn allegedly arriving early in Shanghai, which coincides with claims by one weather forecaster that Britain is in for snow in October. Another dire winter for the northern hemisphere in the offing?

Anyway, the weather is mild and comfortable, and the conditions are right for an adventure; or aimlessly roving around the streets with nothing better to do.

The 20th century of Green Bamboo

The Modern Age.

I’m now in my 20th century of blog posts. The boys at WordPress have obviously been fiddling about so that in recent days, whenever I post a new entry, I’m told what number it is. This should be the 1902nd. It would be nice for the 2000th post to coincide with the 6th anniversary of Green Bamboo in November, but that post won’t be happening much before December by my reckoning. [27.09.14. Having trashed so many pointless blog posts over the summer, I’ve sent the blog back to the 18th century.]

I wonder which personal blog has the highest number of entries in the world. I know. Let’s ask Google. Oh, hang on a mo’. Since Google+ appeared, Google has been neutered beyond the first page of results.

Yes, I was expecting that Google+ would be blocked (which is why I didn’t even bother trying the service; apparently, it was live briefly before the imperial zombies panicked as usual and had to ask the nurse to fetch their especially absorbent underpants to deal with all that zombie diarrhoea which comes squirting out the moment there might be the slightest hint of an opportunity for independent thought), but that seems to have buggered up Google the search engine. (Currently gmail seems not to be working, but I assume that’s one of those mysterious service failures.) [27.09.14. I don’t see much point in G+. I’d perhaps see some point to it if it was populated by people I know, but it isn’t, and I have no real interest in it.]

Of course, things could be worse because this could be Iran where even having a little harmless fun ist verboten. (Iranian youths arrested for public water pistol fight in Tehran.) Mind you, I wouldn’t be surprised if the imperial government issued the some fatwa against having fun with water pistols to university students here. Iran and the Empire are like joy vampires, sucking the happiness out of life. [27.09.14. There was another, similar case just recently of a group of young people who have been prosecuted for dancing together; and the case of some British-Iranian wo­man who is in trouble for watching a volleyball match. There is some saying about getting the government you deserve, but I don’t think the Iranians deserve this.]

Remember the accident I mentioned the other day where one moron on an electric scooter crashed into another one? Well, today as I was heading from Baoli to 远东百贸, I was following someone on an electric scooter who turned right onto 中山路. Meanwhile, Mr Blinkers starts walking out across the road without even looking. Scooter Man skirts round in front of him, and even although I was right behind Scooter Man, Mr Blinkers kept walking. There was no accident, but Mr Blinkers is one of those brain-dead morons who deserves to win a Darwin Award.

Over on Sinosplice, there’s a report about a poll on some Chinese website which asked the question What can save this country? The most popular answer by quite some way was “There’s no hope; don’t want to save it”. Oddly enough that might just about be right. Let the Empire revert to the way it was during the Warring States Period (or the 19th century), but without the warring; let it be what it ought to be and has tried to be for large periods of its history: a collection of disparate nations inhabited by a Sprachbund. But at the moment, the Empire remains a megalomaniac’s idea of a country.

Yesterday, one part per billion

Today, one billion per part.

The air was rather clear yesterday; in fact, clear enough for me to see the hill to the east. But such days are rare, and today, in the past hour, the city has become smothered in a disgusting, heavy grey-brown blanket of haze. qq claims that we’re going to have rain, but if that’s true, then not till later, and like last weekend, it’s meant to rain again this weekend. Damn! This has just turned into a weather blog again.

In technology news, I can get onto my iGoogle page, but not a single module is loading. I wasn’t quite having that problem at school, but I had to go to full gmail to see mail messages. The Google time/date module has also been revamped. I also discovered when I started qq at school this morning that that has been updated. While we’re talking about the Internet, I see I have an IPv6 address. I was nosing around the other day because Top Gear was being streamed very slowly from Tudou and I wanted to see whether the speed of my connection was being affected by, er, something. I didn’t even know I’d made the jump to IPv6.

In further Internet news, there is still a tendency for some sites to appear blocked, but then appear on a second attempt. WordPress currently heads the list, but, for example, one moment Autoblog UK has mysteriously vanished, and the next, it’s back. I’ve given up thinking that the sites have been blocked and merely try again. That also reminds me that the ROA has actually been taken offline for maintenance for an indefinite period.

In a weather news update, it’s started raining, heavily, and there’s some thunder to go with it. It seems that qq was right. Bah! Looks like I’ll be wearing full-dress uniform if I have to… Damn! I need to go to Carrefour. Damn! Damn! Damn! I’m hoping that the Sturm und Drang will be short-lived, but I’m looking out of the window at a monsoon carried along by the wind in visible sheets. I fear this won’t be easing any time soon.

Firefox 5?

What d’you mean, “Firefox 5”?

I saw a story on El Reg this morning that some part of WordPress had had a bit of a security problem and thought that it’d be a good idea to change my password whether the breach of security affected me or not. But when I arrived, there was a message telling me that Firefox was out of date. Seriously?! Yes! And was I upgrading to Firefox 4.1? Nope. We’ve now gone straight to v. 5.0.

Ironically, the latest update to Acrobat added a button which would allow users to convert web pages to pdf documents, but with the unexpected arrival of Firefox 5 (which I thought was in beta), that button has gone because the plugin isn’t compatible with this version of the browser. (I note also that that same plugin for Word has gone, but that doesn’t matter too much because Word documents can be saved in pdf format.)

I feel that I should have something above the level of mundane news, but I don’t. This has been another week of babysitting and not just for me. It seems that in most of their other classes, the little darlings are doing nothing but not learning English vocabulary. I’m not sure how many are still even present because I almost never see the lot of them, and I’m beginning to wonder whether some of the students in the AS classes have gone for the term altogether. I hear that certain, special students have been packed off to the States as a reward for their indolence and idiocy, although we will have one fat, objectionable blob left.

And on that overweight note, I think I’ll end this entry here.

The long way home

I’m still here.

I was hoping that by posting an entry here every day I’d remain permanently logged on, but I discovered just now that I’m automatically logged out every two (?) weeks. I found that the direct log-on page is still inaccessible, and one of these days I probably won’t be able to log on at all. It does seem a bit weird that I can still read WordPress blogs, but the log-on page is blocked. The upgrades page is also blocked.

I’m wondering whether this is related to the maltreatment of gmail, which seems to be harassment rather than the outright blocking of the service, the idea apparently being to make people stop using it because it’s “faulty”. That’s not to say that gmail doesn’t have its little tantrums now and then, but if it had really been so unreliable over the past few months, there would’ve been stories about it in The Register and elsewhere by now.

I see I have another three comments, which, I predict, will be more spam from the French or Proles, sorry Poles. Ever since I started posting more frequently, I seem to have acquired some parasites who somehow circumvent the spam filters which block most of the rubbish which gets hurled at me. The comments are sent to the Spam folder, where I delete them. This is my blog, not an advertising agency for vermin from the slimier parts of a cesspool.

Anyway, it’s time to sweep away the filth.

I think your halo has slipped a bit

Caving into the studio. Or should that be smialling? (Smialing?)

The Hobbit is now going to be made in New Zealand. How? Because the government there is going to change the law, and give the studio NZ$25 million. So much for it being one of the least corrupt countries. If the boys from Warner Bros tell the New Zealand PM to get them coffee, then I suppose he probably does; and then they make him go back and get them muffins, which he has to buy and can’t then claim on expenses.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d try changing the tag line at the top of the page. I don’t know quite why I can’t save my changes, but there was a lot of wheel spin and nothing happened. Perhaps the same fate is going to befall this entry when I attempt to post it.

Things get unbent

You wake up late for conference, man,
You don’t wanna go.

My Audi A3. Or it would be anywhere else. As I suspected, WordPress was only out of sorts until the Party boys had finished having their conference. Why this happened is beyond me. I don’t know and doubt whether there’s any direct access to their meeting in the Central Clubhouse, and I doubt whether those who know the password and the secret handshake actually know what a blog is, or can even switch on a computer without assistance from their grand-children.

Anyway, to celebrate this momentous occasion, here’s a picture of my hypothetical Audi A3 because all the cool cars are pearl black and have two doors. Brrrmm! Brrrmm!

The news from the education front was good(-ish) with the arrival of some of the extra books I ordered, including the selected readings from English lit., which I can give to the PAL classes to spare them the grief of a diet of articles from newspapers and magazines. I haven’t had a good look at the book, but it covers a range of excerpts from Jonathan Swift to P.D. James. I need to try and get things organised so that I can try to get as much of this stuff done as possible. I’d rather not acquire the books and then not use them.

The news of spending cuts in the UK sounds depressing to say the least, although a lot of people will be asking why they have to pay for the incompetence of bankers. If you believe the hysteria, the universities are going to become little more than advanced job training centres for everyone apart from the few wealthy enough to amuse themselves in the humanities. I expect that Ricardo is going to find himself addressing his students as “My lord” or “Your ladyship” or “Jia Baoyu”.

At university, as I’ve said to my little darlings when the matter has arisen, students should be studying the subject of their choice. If it happens to be vocational, that’s a coincidence because I’d hope they’d have an aptitude for and interest in it. Of course, with Chinese students, their parents have quite probably told them what they’re going to be studying. A girl in one class I once taught said that she actually wanted to be a school teacher, but because her parents were in banking, it was expected that she would do the same. Robots are obviously self-replicating.

Meanwhile, the British military are going to have so little in the way of weapons and equipment that the only means they’ll have of deterring some foe is to expose themselves à la Carry on up the Khyber. And if it’s not a deterrent, the other side will be laughing too hard at British weaponry to be any threat at all. Empire, here we come again. Mind you, why does the UK need some vast military machine except to play poodle to the Americans? Of course, the BBC could employ all those soldiers as extras in Dr Who or Torchwood.

Oh, hang on. Wasn’t the licence fee (£145.50; rip-off) going to be frozen for five or six years? No cameo for General Kitchener. “Oh, hell,” said the general. “Panto in Bognor again.”

Goodbye, Spaces

Hello, WordPress. (Until you get blocked.)

I saw the news about the shift from Spaces to WordPress on El Reg this morning, which sent me scurrying to Spaces to find a message suggesting that I should transfer Green Bamboo to WordPress. Since Spaces was going to become extinct in six months from now, I thought I may as well make the jump. Don’t be alarmed, faithful readers. Er, reader.

I have no particular qualms about moving to WordPress except the obvious one – when will the site get blocked? I do know that I’ve been able to access some WordPress blogs recently, but not others, though I’m not sure of the pattern of access. Unlike Spaces, which seemed to be reasonably immune to Nanny’s innate hysteria, I’m less confident that this blog will survive as it waits to join my blogspot blog among the ranks of the inaccessible. [12.08.14. As I predicted, WordPress did get blocked probably because of Nanny’s obsessive desire to control everything.]

The other thing which concerns me is whether the entirety of Green Bamboo really is going to be transferred over, because I started that in November 2005, and must’ve posted far more than the 464 entries WordPress was quoting. (Now updated to 1748 entries.) I’d be annoyed to lose material from before the advent of Live Spaces (or Spaces Live; I never really knew which).

Anyway, I need to go.

At school. Just as I arrived, I wondered whether I can still use Live Writer with WordPress or not. If I want to change the font, for example, it seems that I’ll have to do it manually. Not sure about adding snaps to entries and positioning them the way I like.

However, I see that I can add tags to posts. Hurrah! I was never that keen on categories, especially when a post might cover more than one topic.