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I think your halo has slipped a bit

Caving into the studio. Or should that be smialling? (Smialing?)

The Hobbit is now going to be made in New Zealand. How? Because the government there is going to change the law, and give the studio NZ$25 million. So much for it being one of the least corrupt countries. If the boys from Warner Bros tell the New Zealand PM to get them coffee, then I suppose he probably does; and then they make him go back and get them muffins, which he has to buy and can’t then claim on expenses.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d try changing the tag line at the top of the page. I don’t know quite why I can’t save my changes, but there was a lot of wheel spin and nothing happened. Perhaps the same fate is going to befall this entry when I attempt to post it.

So is this Live Irony?

No, because I’ve edited the post.

China has launched its own version of Google Earth, which is no doubt covered in useful information like “Nothing to see here” or “Nothing happened here” or “Ghost shopping mall” or “Chinese territory. Sod off, Japan”. For North Korea it probably just says, “Beware of the insane midget”.

Windows 7 is also a year old. I thought it’d been around a bit longer. The nightmare of Vista has been forgotten, and XP, though an honoured ancestor, now feels like an antique, and is nearly nine. I’ve been fairly happy with W7, especially because I can play Need for Speed: Most Wanted again. I am, though, eagerly awaiting Hot Pursuit.

In film news, Martin Freeman has been cast as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. One of the innumerable cast of leading male actors in Spooks is going to be Thorin Oakenshield, who is the leader of the dwarves. Quite how they’re going to do that, I don’t know. Probably some CGI trickery to make him look short and broad. Of course, because of the luvvies in New Zealand being all huffy about something to do with the production, Peter Jackson is probably going to have to employ the Masai as hobbits.

I see the RN is also being ironic because not only has one of its subs run ashore off the coast of Scotland, but the name of the sub is the HMS Astute. Astute? Laughing out loud (Needed the excuse to try an emoticon. Sorry, won’t do it again.)