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Sugar and spice and all things nice

So that’s why babies look like storks.

I see the Royal Society has launched an attack on the teaching of Creationism as science. That’s fine by me, but I regard this is an American issue. I would’ve thought that Britain and Europe would be beyond such mock pseudo-science.

Of course, the article in The Guardian has the obligatory I’m-a-total-dickhead quote:

David Rosevear, of the Portsmouth-based Creation Science Movement, said yesterday that he was not surprised at the Royal Society’s move. “It is an atheistic faith position,” he said. “Atheism is as much a religion as the Church of England and they pursue it with real vigour … Not all scientists are evolutionists but they have to go along with it.”

Er, dumbarse, atheism isn’t a religion. Perhaps the argument goes

Atheists believe there are no gods; therefore, atheism is a religion because it still requires belief.

Thus, religion is belief, but if I apply the definition so casually, every time I believe something, I’m creating a religion. All right, that’s trivialising it, but the claims of Creationists are intellectual trivia masquerading as scientific theory.

The Gospel of Judas.

Now this, at least, was some interesting news. The Gospel of Judas has been translated and reveals an alternative early Christian view of Judas Iscariot. Instead of Judas being the great betrayer, he was actually helping Jesus liberate himself from his earthly body.

Of course, it’s a possible example of Christian exegesis. For instance, the Song of Songs is some X-rated ditty, but with a little exegesis, it becomes a deeply spiritual. Yeah, you keep telling yourselves that.