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Death Note

And it really works.

How? Well, by banning the manga and the anime (story from ESWN), Nanny is going to kill off profits for retailers. I bought a copy of Death Note Vol. 1 on DVD from the shop on Jintai Lu a couple of weeks ago. No English, but I wasn’t expecting any. I haven’t seen any Death Note books, but I don’t exactly hang out in stationery shops. I should look out for one as a souvenir before you can no longer get them.

22.06.13. I did read the manga at some stage and found the whole thing to be numbingly dull. Too much of it involved the main character explaining in tedious detail how he was out-thinking the shinegami [sp?] or someone else. It was a bit like Dragonball, much of which seems to be nearly still shots of characters doing nothing for minutes at a time.

Perhaps the Mainland authorities should encourage Emily the Strange, a range of teen gothesque stationery (which, I see from the website, is just the tip of the merchandising iceberg). I first saw this particular method of vacuuming out the wallets of gullible parents in Page One in Harbour City. I see from the official website that there are two dedicated shops in Hong Kong. (In fact, I think I’ve actually seen one of these, but I can’t recall where.)

All right, I think that’s enough feigned awareness of yoof kultcha.

Yet another film review

Death Note 2: The Last Name.

I went to the DVD shop near KFC this evening and happened to spot this on the shelf. I wasn’t expecting to find English subs, although I had a vague hope that there might be some of those weird and wonderful Chinglish subs that you sometimes get. No such luck. (I might be stretching the meaning of “luck” a little.)

For a start, this is a live-action film as opposed to the original manga and anime series. It seems to be the conclusion of the story since the hero dies at the end. There seemed to be two stories. One was about some ambitious reporter who’d acquired one of the Death Note books and was offing people to further her career. The hero got her back by writing her name (in blood) on a scrap of Death Note paper hidden in his watch. The other story seemed to revolve around some seriously disturbed guy who looked like death warmed up and had a lab (or something) with a lot of sliding doors. There was some kind of trickery in which the hero thought he’d got his girlfriend to write down everyone’s names in the book, but it was a trap.

With no English on the DVD (apart from the instructions on how to use the Death Note which are given in English at the start), and my knowledge of the story being limited to what I’ve read about it online, it was difficult to make sense of a film. I assume that the white shinigami was up to no good (hence he got dusted like a vampire). I wasn’t sure what the motives of the black shinigami were. He seemed to be the hero’s familiar. Nor do I know what lollipop-sucking freak was up to, but it seemed to have something to do with drawing out a shinigami or, er, something.

I think I’ll leave you with the English blurb on the back of the sleeve. Who said there was no clarity or elegance left in English prose. (Whatever the source, it’s not a translation of the Chinese blurb.)

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