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In the summer of 2014, I started a process of reviewing entries on my blog. I noted that the entries under “News and politics” were typically topical, which made them dated and irrelevant, and I noted that I had added no­thing to this section since February 2013.

In addition, this is not a news and politics blog, it’s not a news source, and it’s not a hub for news commentary.

I mostly deleted the entries in this category, but some have been spared, and others (often with editing) got shifted to more relevant cate­gories.

I anticipate that additions to this section are likely to be few and far be­tween, and may focus on elements such as bias and sensationalism, which are part of IB English B.

2015 election.

It’s a bit late to be commenting on the elections, but like everyone else, I expected another hung parliament. I wasn’t expecting the Tories to scrape back in, although the fall of the Lib Dems was unsurprising, having been predicted immediately after the previous election.

With the SNP being the third party in Westminster, it’ll be interesting to see what the Scots do in the next Holyrood elections. Will they vote themselves a one-party state or will they shy away from going that far? (I can’t help but note that if you dyed Nicola Sturgeon’s hair black and stuck a toothbrush moustache on her, she’d look uncannily like Hitler.)

Meanwhile, the Tories are hell-bent on some destructive agenda as usual, apparently determined to completely ruin any chances of Labour ever getting back in through legislation against donations from the unions and from boundary changes.

The elections also showed up the perniciousness of the first-past-the-post system. As much as I may despise UKIP, they gained a single seat in spite of the number of votes the party got. The Greens were in the same position, which means that once again, parliament doesn’t really represent the people. It seems unlikely that although electoral reform is badly needed, it’ll never happen.

2017 election.

Oops! Not Theresa May’s best idea ever, which only returned the Tories to office for want of a viable alternative. Their alliance with the DUP may turn out to he another oops.


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