Marshall Major II

The Marshall Major IIs were not something I’d planned on buying, but I found myself at Pudong Airport in Shanghai, with my iPod Touch, but (yes, stupidly) no headphones. I wanted to take the Touch to New Zealand, where it could be exposed to the normal Internet, but never really thought about listening to music off it.

There at the airport, there was a shop (not even one of the techie places) where they were selling various models of Marshalls. I wanted something small and portable, and these were ideal. They also produce decent sound for headphones that cost about £100. The cable can be connected to the left- or the right-hand cup, which is actually not a bad idea at all.

The Marshalls are not, though, ideal for wearing for prolonged periods of time, especially if you wear glasses, because of the pressure they put on the ears.

They also have a cheap plastic feel to them in spite of the price, and when you fold the cups away, they lurch about rather than snapping into place like those on the Momentum 2s do..

They are, as I said, compact and eminently portable, more so than the Momentums, but on long journeys, I would probably tend to take earphones for the sake of comfort.


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