Bose Soundlink II

I bought the Bose SoundLink II headphones partly because I have none of that brand and partly because the Bose shop in Livat had gone sometime in early March 2017, and I was thinking how BSB (in buynow) had also gone, and how I might’ve missed out on so much decent gear.

These are my first Bluetooth headphones, although they also have a wired connection with a rather flimsy cable. I didn’t buy them with Bluetooth in mind, though.

They’re more expensive than the Sony MDR1A DAC headphones, but with sound that is, I think, very similar to the Momentums, which means you’re paying for the brand name and Bluetooth without necessarily gaining much in return.

However, the Soundlink IIs are much lighter than the Sonys, and thus far more comfortable to wear. They’re also more comfortable than the Momentums in that the headband doesn’t press down on the top of your head, and they aren’t a pain to wear with glasses like the head-squeezing Marshalls. If I wanted to listen to music on headphones for a prolonged period of time, these would be the pair I’d choose.

In truth, these were a mistake. I don’t need Bluetooth anything for listening to music and may never need it because most of the time I’m listening to music at my desk.

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