I have too many pairs of headphones, not counting the pairs which have come and gone over the past fifteen years.. My current sets are

  1. Two pairs of Sennheiser Momentums (I and II)
  2. A pair of Sony MDR1a-DACs
  3. A pair of Marshall Major IIs
  4. A pair of Bose SoundLink IIs

which all seem perfectly decent.

My overall judgement is that headphones in roughly the ¥1,000-¥2,000 price range all seem to produce excellent sound, but probably have nothing sufficiently substantive to offer that places one pair hugely ahead of any other.

The Bose and Sony headphones are more expensive because of Bluetooth and a built-in DAC, and brand name, but they don’t produce sound which is so much better than the Sennheisers or the Marshalls that it’s noticeable. Any of these pairs of headphones is perfectly serviceable, and they are merely four types out of a huge range of possibilities.


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