Acer Aspire 6920G

I also managed to get the predecessor (Acer Aspire 6920G) of my current machine working again after it suffered a major HD failure in 2013. It took hours for me to reinstall W7, and the machine ran painfully slowly. The d:\ drive was visible but inaccessible, and none of the Windows tools could do anything to fix the problem. About a year after the HD failure, I resurrected the old laptop and wondered whether it might be possible to get a new HD for it. I was messing around with the Windows tools again when I had a brilliant idea – I’d reformat the d:\ drive from the command prompt. I wasn’t confident about my chances of success, but it worked, and although the machine isn’t the fastest thing around these days, it chugs along nicely. It’s always been my favourite laptop (apart from the squished keyboard), and I regretted that Acer never continued the Gemstone Blue series.

I also like the old laptop because unlike granddad and the 5755G, it never suffered from overheating. That’s why the latter is going to find itself supplanted because unless I have the air con and the fan running, or it’s the depths of winter, the machine overheats in about ten minutes flat when I’m making the graphics card work for its living.

14.12.14. In truth, the 6920 is ailing. Most Wanted 2005 splutters and freezes; and Oblivion has frozen on me even though I’ve only just started playing the game.

For the past few days, the DVD-ROM drive has been spinning up (as it does when the machine boots up), but the message doesn’t appear to be getting through that it should stop. I had a fiddle with the machine, and the drive started working again. This morning it’d stopped working again, and I got out my external DVD-ROM drive. This then seems to have stirred the internal drive to behave itself.

20.12.14. That didn’t last long. Since I wrote the preceding paragraph, a few more days have passed and the internal DVD-ROM drive still doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going. It’s mostly been going, but then it comes back and works without any problems. It’s not as if I’ve ever used it that much either.

23.05.15. I ended up taking the 6920 to school to use in place of the naff PC I was using there. The machine generally behaved well, but was prone to short-lived freezes.

Yesterday, after I’d been editing some MP3 metadata, the machine slowed down, and it became clear that the HD was having the same sort of tantrum that it had a couple of years ago. I don’t know whether this is a hardware or OS issue, but if the drive functions in safe mode, it makes me think that it’s an OS problem.

After some fiddling, I decided that it wasn’t worth spending too much time on the machine and have thus officially retired it.

01.07.15. I needed to get a file off the 6920, but the HD has died so much that I can’t even get the machine to run in safe mode.


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