Acer Aspire 5755G

This was more like the descendant of the 5024 than the 6920. The specs were decent enough for a mid range machine with 4Gb of RAM which I upgraded to 8Gb in January 2015, a GeForce 540M graphics card, and a 750Gb HD. It had a much better keyboard that the squashed and spongy thing that had come with its predecessor.

Like the 5024, it was prone to overheating. Unlike the 5024, it was generally a solid performer so long as I had the fan blasting away on it.

The machine was never quite up to the level of the 6920G, but unlike the 5024, it hasn’t limped to the end of its life. I did think about hanging onto it for another year before replacing it, but that would mean tolerating its shortcomings much as I tolerated those of previous machines. The 5755 is still a sound performer, but the tech has aged.

05.11.16. I’m now thinking about replacing this machine, which I’ve been using at school for want of a working PC. There were issues recently, but one turned out to be a loose memory card, and the other was the result of installing some Chinese software which buggered up one of the keyboard’s standard functions. However, the machine is heading for its sixth year and the last thing I need is for the HD to die, which would force me to take the 571G to school and bring it home every day.

Is the HD likely to die? Hard to tell exactly, but it is very active after I’ve booted the machine up.

The question is whether I buy the equivalent machine to the 5755, or whether I replace the 571, use the 5755 as a glorified music player, and use the 571 as my school machine. I don’t really want to waste my money on a laptop which is really only for school use because the school should be responsible for making IT equipment available to me, not vice versa.

11.03.17. The solution was to buy a Acer Aspire 592G Black Edition (17″ – absolute monster, but very fast). Meanwhile, the 5755 was having problems which could be traced to my now foolish decision to attach the thing to the ageing office laser printer (Canon) when the PC attached to it died of HD failure. The result was that neither Windows Explorer nor Word worked, and in lieu of any other solutions, I removed the memory and the HD, and then plugged them back in again.

At that point, the machine really did die, and I thought that was it, but I tried again, and the laptop came back to life, although Explorer and Word were still not working.

I’d found on line that printer drivers could prevent Word from starting, but couldn’t unintsall Canon’s pernicious program(s). I was looking at options in Task Manager when I tried Analyse Wait Chain (under the Details tab; right click on Explorer), which told me that there were a couple of (obviously) printer-related processes preventing Explorer from running. I killed those off, and a couple of other programs which were clearly related to them.

As a result, everything was back to normal, and the 5755 will last a bit longer. Nonetheless, the printer remains an issue, and going anywhere near it in Device Manager causes problems.


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