Acer Aspire 571G

This was a birthday present from my Mum and Dad (it being one of those birthdays in 2015).

This machine was only marginally more expensive than the 5755 and followed up nicely from it. Still an i7, but with 16Gb of RAM, a 1Tb HD (and an 8Gb SSD drive), and an nVidia GeForce 840M graphics card. Even better, the screen is proper 1080p with no more 1366/8 x 768 stuff which characterised the previous two laptops. The keyboard is much the same as the 5755, but the touch pad (or whatever it’s called) is one of those Apple-style things without distinct buttons (which mostly doesn’t matter so long as I can use a mouse).

The ports are all on the right-hand side, which means that I have to have the machine facing the wall or half the connections wouldn’t reach.

The indicator lights aren’t exactly helpful, either. I like to see what the HD is doing, but a light for that seems to have been abandoned.

There’s no DVD-ROM drive, and although I may not use one often, I still have a need of one.

05.11.16. As I said on the page about the 5755, which I’m still using as my school machine, I’m debating whether to specifically replace that, or whether to replace this machine and using its forebear as a glorified music player. I’m inclining to the latter because I don’t feel that I should be spending my money on a machine that is designated for school use. Rather, the school should be supplying me with IT equipment, but what we have was rubbish in the first place and ageing, or breaking down because of old age.

Life and whatever in the imperium sericum.

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