Acer Aspire 5024

I managed to get granddad (Acer Aspire 5024 WLMI) to work properly (i.e., the screen to work properly) after I removed the baseplate, pulled the mem­ory and the HD out, put them back in, and bent the screen back (which opens to 180°). The machine still wheezes into life, although it perpetually at risk of overheating. It also has conficker on it, which I’ve been unable to remove because although I found the appropriate patch on the Microsoft website, the Bitdefender tool for removing the virus doesn’t work perhaps because granddad is still running XP. Even a manual search following in­formation on line doesn’t reveal the location of virus. Is it really worth bothering about? Probably not. The machine, which was manufactured in late May 2005, should be scrapped since I’m never likely to press it into service again.

More recently (November 2014), I found that Sophos had a tool for re­mov­ing Conficker. It does find it, but then insists on a scan which, I estimate, would take about four to five days to complete. At the moment, once it gets really cold in January, I’m going to let Sophos run and hope that the laptop will survive the entire process without overheating. But as I said in the pre­ceding paragraph, it’s not really worth it.

14.12.14. When I went into the annex on Friday morning, I noted that it was cold enough to try running the Sophos tool without the risk of the machine overheating. The estimate of the time it would take for the tool to run was inaccurate to say the least, but it still took twenty hours for the program to successfully complete the scan.

The machine then got a total of 179 patches, which should take it to April 2014 when support for XP ceased.

The latest issue is the battery, which may have died after I ran the 5024 off it, only for the power to be exhausted in about ten to fifteen minutes flat. So long as there’s AC power, the laptop will still work, but the battery has probably breathed its last. I don’t think I ever used it on battery power only.

I now recall that the battery was also ailing when I replaced the 5024 all those years ago.

20.12.14. I upgraded Acrobat 7 to 8 on the machine last night, but should really be uninstalling the program and putting it on the 6920G.

I removed Acrobat as threatened, and eventually took the machine to New Zealand, where I left it once and for all in February 2015.


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