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In summery [sic!]

Children’s [etiam sic!] are happy.

summery Another addition to the Chinglish Files, which I spotted this earlier this evening in town. It merely says, “In summer, children are happy”.

Definitely a summery feel to to­day’s weather. Clear sky; bright hot sun. A good day for Children’s Day (that’s what my calendar says it is today).

Actually, the end of the week is going to be quite busy. Thursday is 芒种节 (mángzhòng jié) “grain in ear”, which is the ninth seasonal division point of the year.[1] Friday is National Love-your-eyes Day (全国爱眼日, on which, I assume, everyone has to do eye exercises twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon). Saturday is something called 初四 (chū sì), which seems to be something in the traditional calendar, but I don’t know what; at a guess, it’s actually nothing special. Sunday is 端午节 (duānwǔ jié), the Dragon Boat Festival, which is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. Apart from the scoffing of 粽子 (zòngzi), I don’t know whether there will be any dragon boats on the river as there were in Fuzhou last year.

1. The year is divided into twenty-four seasonal division points. It’s mostly climatic, but a few are of an agrarian nature.