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Milking it for everything it’s got

It’s what the 太太 want.

I went shopping after school knowing that among other things, I needed to buy some milk. I don’t normally buy milk from Carrefour, but since I was going there, I thought I’d grab a carton.

Being a cheap bastard discerning shopper, I buy the local stuff, but today, there was none to be had. It was either New Zealand milk at twice the price (around ¥19 for one litre; NZ$3.74 at the current rate of exchange; I have no idea whether this is good, bad, or other; tick a box) or those irritating kiddie cartons.

I was heading to 远东百货 anyway, and know that I can usually get milk there; but instead, I found more New Zealand milk alongside other exotic, overpriced milks from around the globe. Since the prices in 远东百货 are even higher than those in Carrefour, I was damned if I was going to sigh in defeat and accept that I was going to have to pay well over the odds, or be inconvenienced further.

Instead, I went home via Vanguard, which had milk at a less disagreeable price.

Once again, I have to go to three different places to get everything I need. Once again, it’s one of those occasions when the supply chain goes funny and that which I expect to be able to find has vanished without being restocked. The situation must be especially bothersome for people who don’t have my mobility and must simply tolerate the annoyance of paying twice as much for milk because the financial damage to their wallets exceeds the inconvenience of traipsing all over the city for what they want.


Great birthday present

Unfortunate irony.

The big news, which will have the local unelected government seething with rage, is that Лиу Xиаобо has been awarded a Peace Prize by the Foundation created by the inventor of dynamite, a certain Mr Alfred Nobel. I don’t know quite what this is going to do to the Internet, but at the moment, I can read the story on the BBC and The Guardian, at least for the time being.

As has been said in the past, the imperium sericum has effectively suppressed information about Лиу Xиаобо, which means a lot of people have no idea who he is. Sad to say, a lot of people probably don’t even care, and I don’t mean the vested interests. I wonder whether this will get mentioned on the news here (the usual ludicrous ranting you expect from a simple-minded mob of robotic authoritarians) or whether it’ll just be ignored.

But I’m also thinking red rag and bull. (Yes, I know bulls are meant to be colour blind.) There was an article just recent about Лиу Xиаобо being nominated for the prize and the imperium sericum assuming that the Foundation’s host government must be responsible for an autonomous organisation. “’Cos that’s how we do things here,” said the Foreign Min­i­s­try spokesman. Not that distant Cathay is any different from the A­me­r­ic­ans who think, “Thus in America; so everywhere else.” (Well, just look at the assumption that because the Americans are always on the Internet, the rest of the world must be. Once upon a time, I used to turn the Internet off; these days, I leave it on because American software will demand, sooner or later, that I should go on line.)

Thus, the local robber barons will threaten þone Norwegiscan geweald (contrived Old English) even although the Foundation is not their re­spons­ibility. The Vikings may have got it wrong last year by giving it to Barack Obama about five minutes after he arrived at the White House, but this year they got it right.

[16.08.14. Consequently, a Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to the Chinese author, Mo Yan. While I’m sure he’s an excellent, deserving writer, the prize was probably politics more than anything else to shut the Party up.]

It really is a cat with big ears

And that’s Donald, er, Goose.

Both Japundit (Chinderella) and Lost Laowai (Disney Mainland: “Disney Is Too Far”) have picked up a story about a blatant Mainland rip-off of Disneyland. What next? Parque Asterix?

“So, there’s no Asterix here?”

“No, that’s Obelix wearing a winged hat – look closely please.”

30.09.11 This has been one of the most popular posts on this blog because of the title. I can only imagine that people want some breed of cat with big ears although I can’t imagine why. I tidied up the formatting on this occasion.

More on those mascots

Freaky babies.

EastSouthWestNorth Blog reports various comments about the mascots for the Beijing Olympics, including a poll on in which the favourite mascot comes a distant second to “They’re all lame”.

I’m sure they’ll be hanging in their millions from the rucksacks of school children across the country.

Actually, even twentysomething Chinese can have some pretty childish accessories on their rucksacks. I once saw a girl with a couple of small inflated hammers hanging from hers, and large numbers festoon their rucksacks with miniature fluffy toys.

20.06.13. Tidied up the text alignment and added tags. The London Olympics didn’t manage to do any better with their weird symbol which looked like Lisa Simpson giving oral pleasure.

I didn’t really have a particular opinion about the mascots myself, but the Olympics, like all sporting events, is a massive shrug to me.