The lights went out

The clocks all stopped.

Yesterday at lunchtime, Astrill stopped working. The connection was there, but nothing was getting through, and although I was hoping it might be a temporary problem, it remains dead this morning, with none of the connection modes working.It is hard not to conclude that Nanny is behind this.

There’s been no mention of this so far via, say, the Shanghaiist, which often reports such matters.

I recently saw an article via Facebook, reporting that some security expert thought that Astrill and Express VPN’s encryption had been cracked, but Nanny was allowing them to be used as a means of spying on the users (which won’t mean the likes of me, but rather the people who count for something).

The real problem is gmail, which has been my main e-mail address for about ten (?) years now, and which is where all my contacts are and a good deal of useful information. If Astrill really has been blocked, there will come a time where I will need access to gmail. As it is, my inbox will now fill up with messages I get from various sources on a daily basis.

I’ve also been wondering whether the block also has anything to do with the news that Tiβet will be closed to foreigners in March.

As for any news about the current state of affairs with Astrill, I’m unable to check Facebook to see whether there’s been any word about this, and whether anything is being done about it; or can be done. The timing does make it appear that third-party interference is to blame.

Oddly enough, I can access the Astrill website, but the message at the bottom of the page says “We’re offline” when usually it says the opposite.

As for WordPress, I’m surprised I can even access it, and even though I can, it’s only partly functional. The menu bar at the top of the screen has vanished, and I only have the option of logging out. I can, as you can see, post messages, but I’m having to write this in HTML because the visual editor doesn’t appear.

About an hour later. I’m now on Astrill in stealth mode, but on my old laptop. I’ve sent Astrill a message more as an advisory that there may be problems here. I assume the problem is probably China, but can’t be certain; nor can I say why Astrill works (to a point) on the 5755, but not on the V15. OpenWeb seems to be down. I was getting that old error message on the 5755 that OpenWeb had crashed. The other possibility is that W10 is working its magic.

Whether I use a VPN or not, the message on the Astrill site still says they are offline, which is a little unusual since there’s been no time I’ve ever seen that message regardless of the time I visit them.

The next day. Astrill seems to be all right again this morning. OpenWeb is now functioning normally. Scare over.

In the ensuing days. Well, Astrill is sort of working. OpenWeb was out again a couple of days ago, but has since returned with a heavily reduced number of servers available. In spite of this, it seems to be working adequately.


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