I’ve learnt my lesson

[21.08.14. The following review was extracted from another entry, which I originally posted on the 4th of April 2008.]

And finished off Ancient Chinese Miniature Stories.

I must admit that these tend to be a little repetitive, viz.

The King of Chu declared that he was going to declare war on the state of Qi and that if any man opposed his plan, he’d shave his balls off with a bacon slicer. No one dared ask whether the king’s balls were for the chop or those of his critic. Wang Fujing emptied out a sack full of kittens into the courtyard. They scampered about, playing with each other or sleep­ing. The king understood. If he went to war, he could not enjoy kittens stir-fried in a wok; but if he did go to war, he’d be the kitten.

They’re also fairly short, hence it doesn’t take a long time for me to read through a hundred of them.

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