Some people say “Bohemia”

And others say “Bavaria”.

In this post, I wondered about the origins of Bavaria, suspecting that –var– was cognate with the Old English –ware “people of”. I was right. The people themselves, the Boii, were originally Celts.

In a similar vein, I was wondering about Bohemia this morning, and who the “Bohems” might be. Again, I was suspicious because that first part, Bo-, suggested that I’d run into the Boii again. I was right. Again. According to the wikipedia entry about “Bohemian”, the word is a compound of Boii and the (Proto-)Germanic *haim-a– “[> OE hām > MnE] home”.

I wonder what other traces the Boii have left behind of themselves in Central Europe. Is there a Boset (cf. Somer-set and Dor-set with the element -sǣte “people of”) to go with Bavar and Bohem?


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