Never mind the comedy. Feel the length.

This is 40.

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann are hitting 40. They have two girls (played by the director’s daughters, it seems) and run their own businesses. He has a failing indie record label and she runs a clothing shop, but has lost US$12,000 because one of her employees has been stealing from her. His father is a scrounger with three young triplets of his own; her father is a surgeon who rarely ever sees her. Rudd and Mann fight a lot. He does not reveal that his business is in dire straits, and she says nothing about her unexpected pregnancy.

The film is meant to be a comedy, but it felt like it might’ve been better as a vicious divorce drama. Rudd and Mann had no chemistry, their characters squabble constantly, and yet at the end of the film they’re busy expressing their undying love for each other. This is at the point when one of their plots to murder the other should’ve ended up with both of them being devoured slowly by flesh-eating beetles.

If I’d not been amusing myself while I was watching this, I probably would’ve wandered off and ignored it as it dragged on and on and on. If the film had been cut by, say, 143 minutes, it would’ve been so much better.


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