And sprinkle it with nonsensical English

Those verbal decorations in full.

I’ve been meaning to mention a Merida bike which has been parked just beside the  door at the west end of the bike park at school. It’s a white-framed racer with flat spokes and probably costs more than mine. It sat there for some time before I noticed the words on the top crossbar of the frame: Lolita Complex. Why? No idea. If it said “Stand Alone Complex” and had a picture of Motoko Kusanagi, I might understand. I certainly don’t want to look Lolita Complex up because I suspect I’d find myself at the sleazy end of the Internet. I’m surprised the bike wasn’t the Merida Humbert Humbert.

On the way home today, I had just passed 五爱路 when I saw a woman wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Used daisy can” on the back. Apart from this being a random collection of English words, I can’t begin to fathom whether it’s meant to mean something.

One thought on “And sprinkle it with nonsensical English”

  1. I Googled it and escaped as fast as possible in the hope that I don’t get inundated or unindated with “overtures” of undesirable nature. Keep well away I would say. From Your Adviser!

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