Those bank holiday achievements

In full!

Monday: put washing away and had a snooze.

Tuesday: had a snooze and worked out satisfactory way of renaming music files without giving WMP brain damage.

Wednesday: bought some water and finished off a Powerpoint presentation for exam revision. (Wednesday is currently still work-in-progress.)

Overall, substantial achievements, none.

The business with the music has resulted in a lot of flabby file names being replaced once and for all, but the process was dull and mechanical. I discovered that if I change file names (and paths) when I open a folder in WMP, it deals with any alterations on the spot instead of messing about if the change is first made in Explorer.

Two days ago, there was a line of flower stands on the ground floor outside the lift. Someone apparently important had died or (quite possible) the parent of someone important had died. (A lot of the geriatrics around here are such peasants that I can’t imagine they’re paying their own way.)

Then yesterday there was a wedding with a red carpet and deafening fireworks to boot. The flower stands were tucked out of sight for that.

This morning at about 6.30, the dirge band started up and played intermittently for a couple of hours. As I said above, someone important was involved in the funeral, which the quality of the playing con­firmed because the band seemed much more professional than the usual sort of thing I hear on these occasions.

One of the recent news stories here was about Neil Robinson, who was being sought by British police in connection with sex offences at home. China has been fairly lax about who it lets into the country. In my previous job, there was at least one paedophile at one of the schools in the programme; in this job, we’ve allegedly had one at school (though the source of that claim was not without personal bias); and a couple of teachers at one school were dismissed for improper relationships with pupils. I’ve been in one bar where I’ve seen some sleazy, middle-aged lech try it on with the bar girls, and that’s why I never liked the Shamrock in Chengdu or places like the Red Lion here.

Mind you, I also hasten to recall the senior male Chinese teachers in Fuzhou who were all perving through the door of the hall when the girls were doing some folk dance in vaguely skimpy folk costumes as one of the acts in a school concert.

Either way, it’s bad advertising for middle-aged men.

Well, at least my girlfriend’s an adult, although since she’s a bit older than me, does that make her a dirty old lady?

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