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Where’s my OBE?

I rather indulged myself recently and bought six albums of music by Telemann played by Collegium Musicum 90 which have been on my Classics Online wish list for about a year. These are mostly albums which were released throughout the 90s, which meant that none of them had any catalogue numbers. Once again, it was time for Mr Bamboo to don his deerstalker, take up his magnifying glass, and do some musical detective work.

Classic Online made some of the work a little easier because they usually include TWV numbers on the website, and sometimes in the file names. But on this occasion, the cover was patchy, and I had to resort to this website to track down the rest.

As a valuable [Opinion! –ed.] public service, I present my findings below.

  1. Telemann Vol. 1 ‘La Changeante’ (CHAN 0519, 1991)
      1. Violin Concerto in A minor (TWV 51:a1)
      2. Flute and Violin Concerto in E minor (TWV 52:e3)
      3. Concerto in G major for Four Violins Unaccompanied (TWV 40:201)
      4. Concerto in A major for Four Violins (TWV 54:A1)
      5. La Changeante: Orchestral Suite in G minor (TWV 55:g2)
      6. Violin Concerto in E major (TWV 51:E2)
  2. Telemann Vol. 2 Ouverture burlesque (CHAN 0512, 1991)
      1. Ouverture burlesque: Orchestral Suite in B flat major (TWV 55:B8)
      2. Violin Concerto in G major (TWV 51:G7)
      3. Concerto in D major for Two Flutes, Violin and Cello (TWV 54:D1)
      4. Violin Concerto in F sharp minor (TWV 51:fis1)
      5. Concerto in G major for Two Violins (TWV 52:G2)
  3. Concerto in D major for Three Horns, Violin and Orchestra – ‘La Bouffonne’ Suite – Grillen-Symphonie – Alster-Ouverture (CHAN 0547, 1993)
      1. Concerto in D major for Three Horns, Violin and Orchestra (TWV 54:D2)
      2. ‘La Bouffonne’ Suite (TWV 55:C5)
      3. Grillen-Symphonie (TWV 50:1)
      4. Alster-Ouverture (TWV 55:f11)
  4. Music of the Nations (CHAN 0593, 1996)
      1. Suite in G major ‘des Nations anciens et modernes’ (TWV 55:G4)
      2. Concerto for 2 chalumeaux in D minor (TWV 52:d1)
      3. Concerto for viola and orchestra in G major (TWV 51:G9)
      4. Sonata for 2 chalumeaux in F major (TWV 43:F2)
      5. Suite in B flat major ‘Völker-Ouvertüre’
  5. Ouverture comique (CHAN 0661, 2000)
      1. Concerto in E minor for recorder, flute and strings (TWV 52:e1)
      2. Violin Concerto in B flat major (TWV 51:B1)
      3. Ouverture in F sharp minor (TWV 55:fis1)
      4. Concerto in A major for two oboes d’amore (TWV 52:A1)
      5. Ouverture in D major (TWV 55:D22)

The sixth album, which need not be included here, is last year’s Autograph Scores (CHAN 0787), the accompanying booklet including the catalogue numbers.

In addition to this lot, I also bought Albinoni’s Opp. 7 and 9 by Collegium Mus­ic­um 90 (CHAN 0792(3)), which have just been released as a three-disc set. I already had the original, separate albums on my wish list, but this particular release puts the works together rather than mixing them up, which seems often to be the fashion.

At the moment, though, I’ve only reached Leclair’s flute sonatas, which means it’ll be awhile before I get as far as the new stuff by Telemann and even longer before I listen to the Albinoni. Something to look forward to.

[11.05.14. Until now, the so-called Sonata for 2 chalumeaux on Telemann’s Music of the Nations has remained an enduring puzzle. I’ve long suspected I was missing something, but the title implied that it belonged to the TWV 42 series where there is a sonata for 2 cha­lu­meaux, which happens to have an alternative catalogue number for an overture that bears no re­sem­blance to what is on the album.

I was listening to the work again today and thinking that it sounded famili­ar, but couldn’t recall where I’d heard it.

I went to Presto Classical where I tried a search for “Telemann” and “cha­lu­meaux”, which sent me to the Music of the Nations and the correct iden­ti­fi­c­a­tion. The work is Quartet for violin, 2 chalumeaux and b.c. in F major (TWV 43:F2). Where had I gone wrong? I’d been misled by the title in the album booklet which says nothing about a violin.

The piece is also on Wind Concertos Vol. 7, which is probably why it sounded familiar.]


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