Those TWV Numbers in full

Now if they’d been included in the first place…

I was having a look at my albums by Telemann last night and filling in the catalogue numbers which went missing after I re-ripped my music while I was on holiday. Thanks to my diligence, it was not difficult to fill in most of the gaps from records I made. In some cases it was rather too easy because, for example, the content of the album “Wind Concertos” by Musica Antiqua Köln is also found among the eight volumes of “Wind Concertos” played variously by La Stagione Frankfurt and, er, Musica Antiqua Köln.

I managed to identify the content from “Sonatas from Der Getreue Music-Meister and Essercizii Musici” by Camerata Köln without too much bother (not true – see further comments on this below), but their album of “Trio Sonatas” was more problematic. Back in the olden days when I bought these albums, they didn’t include TWV numbers, which is unhelpful for collectors trying to decide whether the piece in F major is TWV 41:F2 or 42:F9 or 52:F1 or etc.

However, with a little detective work using this catalogue site and YouTube, I was able to identify the TWV numbers for the pieces on Camerata Köln’s album of “Trio Sonatas”. As a public service, I supply them and the details below.

  1. Sonata in C minor (Essercizii musici) (TWV 42:c2) – Largo – Vivace – Andante – Allegro
  2. Sonata in F major (TWV 42:F9) – Allegro – Affettuoso – Presto
  3. Sonata in A minor (TWV 42:a6) – Largo – Allegro – Cantabile – Allegro
  4. Sonata in E minor (TWV 42:e6) – Affettuoso – Allegro – Grave – Allegro
  5. Sonata in F major (TWV 42:F15) – Largo – Allegro – Largo – Allegro
  6. Sonata in C minor (TWV 42:c7) – Adagio – Allegro – Adagio – Allegro

As an additional public service, I can reveal that the mystery sonata in F minor on “Sonatas from Der Getreue Music-Meister and Essercizii Musici” by Camerata Köln is TWV 41:f2. This track is from Sammelhandschrift, but quite how it should be included in this album, I don’t know.

22.06.14. I’ve been editing and revising my catalogue of music by Tele­mann, and surveying what’s available via Presto Classical. I like to listen to more recent recordings of my older music because that goes back about thirty years and I like to compare the two. I decided to listen to TWV 42:A6, which is a sonata in A major and allegedly on Camerata Köln’s 1984 album “Recorder Sonatas from Der Getreue Music-Meister & Essercizii Musici”. But what I heard was definitely not what I’ve had all this time, and the hunt for the truth was on.

It was not a sonata in A major (although the booklet and Camerata Köln’s website both claim that it is), and I ended up trawling through the online catalogue of works by Telemann looking for something with the right movements. I found TWV 41:B3, a sonata in B flat major from Der Ge­treue Music-Meister, and went off to YouTube to see whether I could confirm which sonata it was.

As it turned out, I had found the right piece. The sonata isn’t for the re­corder in particular, but can be tackled on any one of a number of instruments. For example, the recording on YouTube featured a viola da gamba. Ironically, that was played by, er, Camerata Köln.


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