You turn your head away for a moment

And the next thing you know, the heir to the throne has vanished.

The prolonged disappearance of the heir apparent has resulted in Freegate being given a right royal going over this week. At best it works for a brief period of time before Nanny obviously swamps the server withe requests, thus preventing anyone else from getting through. There are rare occasions when a connection is made, but it seldom lasts. I’m writing this offline because I may only be able to access WordPress long enough for a copy-paste-post job before the shroud of ignorance reasserts itself. Until his majesty reappears and things calm down, activity here will be minimal for the foreseeable future. One thing I do note. The Internet seems to be whizzing along. Does this apparent increase in speed have something to do with Freegate being out of action? Is this indicative of just how many people are using Freegate?

There’s still no news about the old boy, There’s now been a sighting of Prince Frog Face, but it seems less and less like that some sort of back injury was to blame for his absence. As one story mentioned, the heir apparent might be back in the saddle tomorrow with not a whisper of why he was away. (As it now turns out, but I didn’t see the information until later in the morning, he’s back today, thus proving that tomorrow never comes; and after such a long absence, he’d better bloody well have a note from his mum.)

In other news, after seeing the exchange rate with the US dollar has been going seriously in my favour, I bought some more Avison: the Concerti Grossi after Geminiani and Scarlatti, and Opp. 9 and 10. The problem, though, is that the amount of information about the albums is minimal. There are covers and track listings, but no information about the date the albums were released (recent years is my best guess) or about their composition. I like to know something about the background to the works although my eye glaze over when it comes to the pretentious nonsense that the tracks often attract from some overexcited musical luvvie. (Phantasm, I’m looking at you.)

Another week of school has gone by. I like PAL 1. They’re a lively bunch who are interested and get involved. PAL 2, on the other hand, is like PAL 3 a couple of years ago with a solid core of immature boys on the right-hand side of the classroom who are unable to concentrate or sit still. Once again I say, “Do exercise three” and they hear, Lark about. Don’t mind anyone else. Yet if it wasn’t for them, I think PAL 2 would also gain my unreserved seal of approval.

We had some horrifically heavy rain at lunchtime a few days ago. I thought I’d go to Subway to get something for lunch, but by the time I got out, water was beginning to stream down the steps into the the Parkson building, and there was a curtain of water at the entrance. The streets were a combination of lakes, rivers, and springs. There were some huge and very deep puddles (the biggest I saw being on this side of the intersection where 县前街 meets 解放路); at one place there was so much water in the drains that it was bubbling back up through the manhole cover; and in several places there were swift-flowing streams. The surface flooding was extensive and even if the city had decent drainage, it probably couldn’t have coped.

Since then, the weather has been predominantly grey although the sun is shining at the time of writing. I shan’t be at all surprised, though, if the cloud comes over sooner rather than later.

The latest supercar sighting was a white Aston Martin just up near the bridge. A Vantage, I suspect, but I passed it by too quickly to see. I also saw the Panamera called Connie again a couple of days ago. If you’ve got the money, why buy a Panamera in the first place and why call it Connie? The car is ghastly enough as it is, but giving it a name like Connie just makes things worse.

The free orange bikes have continued to appear around the city apart from outside 远东百货 where everything is in place apart from the bikes.

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