Stop biting! Stop biting! Stop biting!

Bloody 蚊子!

Learn from Lei FengI went out to buy some water and take a picture. While I was doing that, I copped at least five mos­quito bites. Bugger!

Suddenly a bunch of posters of Party poster boy, Lei Feng, have gone up around the place; this one is at the door to my building. It says (as far as my rubbish Chinese will allow me to trans­late), “Learn from Lei Feng. Re­spect other people, raise your­self.” (Probably something like “improve yourself” or “make yourself a better person” would be better.)

No, I don’t know why these posters have suddenly gone up, but if Lei Feng had said, “Kill mosquitoes! Kill them to death!”, I’d be saluting right now.


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