Seeing a car park

Another tale of motoring stupidity from the Empire.

Since I don’t see PAL 2 until a bit later this afternoon, I thought I’d take my shopping home and have lunch while I was there.

I then headed back to school via the usual route and noted the large number of cars which were parked on the edge of the cycle lane along 香榭路. A Volvo hatchback (a C30; starting price £14,995) was trying to join them, but finding nowhere to park. As I followed it thinking, “What a complete plonker”, some woman came up alongside me on a bike and as the car slowed down, she would try to get past on the right-hand side, but never had enough room to squeeze by, nor the brains not to attempt such a manoeuvre.

When the woman finally overtook the car, she rode straight into some Post Office workers on their electric scooters coming from the opposite direction, who seemed to be paying no attention to the car at all; and when I say “rode straight into”, I mean it. Neither she nor the woman on the scooter appeared to see each other.

At this point, I skirted round the car, past the Post Office workers, and carried on. When I reached the end of that section of cycle lane, I noted that the stupid motorist wouldn’t be able to get through because some other four-wheeled genius had parked just a bit to far over. Since there was nowhere for this woman to park her car, she would have to have reversed down the entire cycle lane, thus managing to be an annoying halfwit in both directions.

Meanwhile, when I got back to school, the school’s lunchtime radio was blaring out. Peter told me that the room where the control is is locked, and the person with the key is off somewhere, which means that nothing can be done about the stream of noise coming from the PA system. (Ah, they must’ve found the keeper of the keys; silence reigns again.)

There’s also some sponsored event here at school today. Not sure what exactly, but it seems to be something cultural. There’s a big sign up at the gate and coloured flags have gone up around the school.


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