Poter Sawyer

Speccy, tarty, and demonic.

I was just heading towards the 红豆1 building at lunchtime when I saw a bus with Poter Sawyer on the side. There was a picture of some fake Harry Potter in his trademark glasses, a slutty Hermione and a demon. I have no idea what it’s about.

I haven’t mentioned that in one of the PAL classes I have a pair of kids, one calling himself Harry and the other, Potter. It doesn’t quite work as they were hoping because on the class list they’re interrupted by the names of a couple of their classmates.

It was Teacher Appreciation Day today, which had as its background a very dull grey sky. We got cards, chocolate, and a Hair Man Plant. The last is a small vase in the shape of a man, and plant grows to become its hair. I also got a very nice notebook. (Notebooks are like socks. They’re mundane, but actually rather useful.)

Mid Autumn Festival this weekend. I need a holiday.

1. What’s gone wrong with the language bar and Firefox? I switch to Chinese input and nothing happens although the option has a tick beside it. No problem with EditPad or Word. Is this like Firefox and Arial Black, which is still not being rendered as far as I’m aware? I bet it’ll probably work when I restart Firefox. Just got 6.0.2 chucked at me the other day.


2 thoughts on “Poter Sawyer”

    1. It’s not that disturbing compared with, say, the one of the little girl posing like a tarty celeb, which the ASA would ban, but here in China passes without comment.

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