People lend me stuff and out comes

The Hogfather.

The Hogfather has vanished because the Auditors, er… Well, this is one of the Discworld series which appeared after I stopped reading them about twenty years ago so I have only the vaguest idea about some bits of it.

Anyway, the Hogfather has vanished and Death decides to lend a hand delivering gifts across Discworld (well, at least as far as Ankh-Morpork extends) while his granddaughter, Susan, tries to find out what’s going on. The Auditors have hired Mr Teatime to assassinate the Hogfather, which sends him off to the castle of the Tooth Fairy for some reason where it turns out the eponymous resident is the original Bogeyman, who actually came to like children, and has been trying to protect them.

Anyway, the Auditors break the rules, Death bends them, and the Hogfather comes back to life.

Because I haven’t read the book, I can’t make any comparisons, but this seemed all right as adaptations go even if Mr Teatime appeared to be a fake American.

But, the cover. What’s the deal with sticking David Jason in the centre of the shot when he played an also-ran character, viz. Death’s servant, Albert? Well, I guess the Beeb or ITV decided David Jason would sell the DVD where Death or the unknown actress playing Susan wouldn’t pull in the punters.


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