The rise of ¥1

The fall of the coins?

Have things changed in Pyjama Province? When I last lived in this part of the Empire, I noted a fondness for ¥1 coins, and when I came back, there was still that fondness for them. In all the time I’ve been here, I’ve barely seen a note, and have to go to places like Chengdu to get them as change. But in the past week, I’ve suddenly been getting more than the occasional note. Perhaps the imperial government is going to ship them to the States so that the Americans will have some money to spend. (“Shiny metal things? Them’s used fer buyin’ stuff.” Grandma, you’s bullshittin’ us. Everyone knows we ain’t got no… no… “Money. Leastwise I think that’s what they call it. Ain’t seen none since 1984.”)

Got my timetable for school today. No major changes. All right, none at all really. I have both PAL classes, and AS3 and AS4. I assume the former are last year’s PAL 3 class, and AS4 are the new arrivals. The pre-IB classes are also doing the IGCSE ESL exam, though just this year.

There wasn’t much point in hanging around at school today. No textbooks yet, but I know what I’ll do on Thursday and Friday. Yes, it starts again on Thursday. It’s not a matter of what I’m going to do for two days, but rather why bother?

When I got back to school, the money plant appeared to have had it. They’re meant to be robust, and I didn’t hold out much hope for mine, but watered it anyway, and found that there was some life in it yet. A few of the leaves have perked up, but may have survived because, in my ignorance, I overwatered the plant last term. I note that the money plants which were in the loo over the holiday have flourished without the slightest amount of watering.

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