Let’s go to the cinema

Source Code.

Source Code is a little like Groundhog Day with dead people. A mostly dead army pilot has been wired up to a machine which allows his consciousness to jump into someone else’s body. His mission is to unmask the terrorist who managed to bomb a Chicago-bound train as a prelude to setting off a crude nuclear device. On each occasion, he only has eight minutes to find out who’s responsible before he gets pulled back into some sort of reality and after many trips, it turns out to be Professor Plum with the candlestick in the library.

In the end, our hero wants to be unplugged from the machine so that he can die properly, but not before he’s managed to save the day on the train and snog the girl. There’s a bit of a twist because the creator of Source Code, Professor Branestawm, claims that the visions are a separate reality, yet Captain Arse Backwards-Name manages to send Captain Goodwin, who was directing him, a text message.

I’m wondering what the hidden message is here. The American government will even resort to using mostly dead people to fight terrorists? Don’t go to Chicago by train? The ones who look like Republicans are most likely to build home-made nuclear weapons?

X-Men First Class

This is the long, long prequel to the other X-Men films, filling in the background about how Charles and Erich met, fought the bad guy, and then went their separate ways. The story is ultimately based around the Cuban Missile Crisis, the conceit being that Kevin Bacon tried to trigger a nuclear war so that the mutants would become the dominant species of humanity on the planet.

Magneto agrees, but Kevvy killed his mum during World War II, and Magneto helps to save the day for his own ends. That also results in Charles being paralysed by a stray bullet at the beach party afterwards. Magneto also appropriates the Helmet of Brain Dampening and decorates it so that instead of merely looking a little stupid when he busts January Jones out of the clink, he looks a lot stupid (having added a cloak) and messes up his chance of scoring with her.

Did I mention the film was long?

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