A few days later…

And it’s still raining.

That is the dull and dreary news. We may have had a brief burst of sunshine yesterday afternoon, but it continues to rain or to have been on the verge of raining since forever ago, which is the last time we saw any prolonged sunshine. I know this is the wet season in the Empire, but this year, this summer has been the especially wet season as if it’s making up for nine years of not being as wet as it might’ve been.

The only compensation we’ve had is that the air has been quite clear now and then. I only wish that it could be clear with blue sky and a little light cloud.

In international news, Rupert Murdoch has had to give up on his bid for BSkyB. The Italians are now on the edge of the same loo bowl into which Greece, Portugal and Ireland have already fallen, and the eurozone is on the verge of sliding in as well, it seems. I remember, when the economies of Europe were supposed to have converged for the introduction of the euro, that the papers raised the issue of the fudging of the economic criteria, and knowing that economies are chaotic, dynamic systems, I wondered how such convergence was realistically possible.

The weather was dry enough for an aimless ambling adventure a couple of days ago, and when I got home, I went onto Baidu maps because I wanted to know how far things are from home. The town maps which you can buy in shops here are all conspicuously devoid of scales. My theory is that this is to prevent some imaginary enemy using touring maps if they didn’t bring their own maps. It’s annoying. Anyway, Baidu maps has a handy measuring tool which has allowed me to determine that 中山路 is about 1km away, that end-to-end, the 春申路 bridge is about the same distance, and that Baoli is 1.5km from here.

That information enabled me to estimate that my average speed back from Trust Mart was about 24kmh, but that is over a bridge. I’ve been wondering whether there’s a clear, flat stretch of road, which is one uninterrupted kilometre in length where the traffic is fairly light. There might be on the other side of the canal where there’s a long cycle lane; it might be possible there’s a stretch of 太湖大道. I’ll have to investigate once the weather has improved.

I see it’s stopped raining, but it’s not quite time to venture out and buy lunch.

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