Don’t water the plants

Well, not too much.

I found out today that the broad-leaf pot plant in the office is a jade plant or Chinese rubber tree or money plant, a succulent which stores water and thus doesn’t need to be regularly tended. Of course, I had no idea what sort of plant it was or how to care for it, but now that I do, I can neglect it to good health. The plants themselves originally come from South Africa and Madagascar.

Meanwhile, the Empire has a new and terrifying munition – the exploding melon. One of the things which is noticeable when you come here is the grotesque size of fruit because it is sold by weight, thus making fatter fruit more expensive. The quality and flavour are also dubious, and the sheer size is usually off-putting. I want a handful of fruit, not a handcart-ful. When I lived in 通州, there was the annual melon season when truck piled high with monster-sized melons would turn up in town. Some farmer decided to help his melons with some growth accelerator, which caused his crop to explode.

The rest of the article about the exploding melons has me wondering whether anything here is a.) safe to eat or b.) actually what it claims to be.

Perhaps I should add some growth accelerator to gmail so that it might burst out of the straitjacket which is confining it again. This time I can’t even access it from home. I’m also trying to download a rather large file and getting it at modem speeds. If the download doesn’t come grinding to a halt (which it probably will), it’ll be at least 7pm before I’ve finished. I tried to get the same file at school this morning, but when I got back after class, it’d clearly got jammed with thirteen minutes to go. What’s the point of broadband? Let’s call it crawlband instead. In fact, even in the bad old days of surfing the Net on a modem anything below 5Kbps was feeble. This download is feeble.

I was amusing myself with the configuration tool for the Aston Martin Vantage on the Aston Martin website yesterday even if half of the colours are the same as the other half. I quite liked the dark blue and then a blue-grey interior. Mind you, I also liked the Lords Red, which is a darker shade of red but I’d need one of the red shades on the exterior.

Anyway, it’s time to polish off Shades of Grey and leave the download to grind to a halt probably around 5.45pm this afternoon with the message that only ten minutes are left before the download is complete.


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