Gmail, the story so farther

How did he do that?

Since stupidity is now the theme, I observe that 香榭街 has become a shrine to the stupidity of the Empire’s four-wheeled imbeciles (aka motorists). The street has been widened to dual carriageway, but that’s been reduced to a single lane each way because the dribbling cretins have taken to parking their cars on either side of each pair of lanes.

On either side, there is now a cycle lane, but the finishing touches have yet to be made to it. Today some workers were unloading the sections for the barrier which will run alongside it.

Anyway, one of the electric scooter people was using the section which runs behind the stadium at school. There was an old man standing on the side cycle lane nearest the stadium, but I didn’t see what he was doing. Some of the local workers live in the spaces under the stadium, and he could have been one of their number.

I was going fast enough to pass by (I was on the road), but moments after I did, I heard a bang and looked round to see that the man on the electric scooter had somehow ridden into the man standing on the side of the cycle lane. How he did that I don’t know because there was only him and the man and more than enough space for the scooter to avoid the bystander.

I can only guess that the man on the scooter saw me, and being distracted by the novelty of a foreigner on a bike, his attention wandered. Being foreign, I did not stay to watch the spectacle of the aftermath, but I’m sure it provided the dull cits with some entertainment for the morning.

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