The Little Drummer Boy: neither little nor a drummer

Nor even a boy.

I’ve finally worked out that the Little Drummer Boy, who sounds like a madman in the attic bashing away at a kettle drum, is the, er, lift. That’s why I was hearing such a cacophony of sound at all hours of the day and wondering who could sustain such a lifestyle – except a lunatic.

I’ve never lived in a block of flats with a lift before, nor so high as I am now. I happened to be standing outside the lifts the other day when I realised how I had misinterpreted the sound all this time. The lifts do rattle away as they go up and down the shaft and the noise does sound like someone banging away on a kettle drum. Because there was no rhyme or reason to the rhythm [That’s quite enough alliteration for one entry. –ed.], I thought that the drummer was possibly a couple of sections short of an orchestra.

(Cross-posted from Green Bamboo LJ.)

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