Really, frost.

When I got up this morning, there was condensation on the inside of the window in the main room. That’s a rare event because in spite of how cold it gets during the winter, it’s typically too dry for condensation to form.

I was just about to go into our building at school this morning when I noticed that there was frost on the grass. In all the time I’ve been here, I’ve never seen frost even although I’ve seen much else. I expect that on the news tonight, the weather girl will have to explain what frost is, while the local government will be advising citizens not to panic, but if they are worried, they can call the Frost Emergency Hotline.

Trading Standards Officers will also be busy beating people up for selling fake frost – ice scraped from the insides of their freezers.

Chinese has 霜 (shuāng) or 霜冻 (shuāngdòng) meaning “frost”, and at least in this sense, I assume the words among two of the least used in the language when referring to this particular climatological phenomenon.

(Cross-posted from Green Bamboo LJ.)

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