I’m hot

But not in that way. (Well, all right in that way as well.)

Yesterday morning, the cloud sat overheard and did little or nothing apart from a dribble of drizzle at one stage. It eventually broke up around lunchtime, but returned with drizzle later in the day. This morning started hot and sticky and has got hotter.

I took a wander around my old university this morning. The library is still cordoned off and it was possible to see at least one broken window. There was also evidence that chunks of masonry which had fallen off the building during the earthquake had been replaced. I expect that a lot of work needs to be done inside to put books back on the shelves because they got thrown everywhere, and probably some of the shelves played dominoes.

I’m used to Sunday being much the same as every other day of the week because the weekend is only a weakly articulated concept in the Empire. Ironically, the car park of a Chinese (Christian) church was full as we passed it by, but there were also other people in churches as well, which I find most peculiar myself. (That is, the latter part, but I suppose all societies have weak-minded, credulous individuals even among the allegedly less gullible sections of the population.) Thus, some shops are closed, and the banks certainly aren’t open.

There’s also bustle of the sort which is just not seen in the Empire, where dull, zombie-like plodding is the norm. I’ve never understood that indifference to the amount of time which gets wasted by shambling along. It’s certainly not exercise because none of them ever achieve a brisk enough pace. Perhaps it’s because their lives lack imagination, they’re insensible to the time they spend on actions during which nothing is achieved. It probably has something to do with their inability to be punctual.

Oh well, the Empire and its inane behaviour remain a few days away, but it’d be nice not to have to go back.


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