Great birthday present

Unfortunate irony.

The big news, which will have the local unelected government seething with rage, is that Лиу Xиаобо has been awarded a Peace Prize by the Foundation created by the inventor of dynamite, a certain Mr Alfred Nobel. I don’t know quite what this is going to do to the Internet, but at the moment, I can read the story on the BBC and The Guardian, at least for the time being.

As has been said in the past, the imperium sericum has effectively suppressed information about Лиу Xиаобо, which means a lot of people have no idea who he is. Sad to say, a lot of people probably don’t even care, and I don’t mean the vested interests. I wonder whether this will get mentioned on the news here (the usual ludicrous ranting you expect from a simple-minded mob of robotic authoritarians) or whether it’ll just be ignored.

But I’m also thinking red rag and bull. (Yes, I know bulls are meant to be colour blind.) There was an article just recent about Лиу Xиаобо being nominated for the prize and the imperium sericum assuming that the Foundation’s host government must be responsible for an autonomous organisation. “’Cos that’s how we do things here,” said the Foreign Min­i­s­try spokesman. Not that distant Cathay is any different from the A­me­r­ic­ans who think, “Thus in America; so everywhere else.” (Well, just look at the assumption that because the Americans are always on the Internet, the rest of the world must be. Once upon a time, I used to turn the Internet off; these days, I leave it on because American software will demand, sooner or later, that I should go on line.)

Thus, the local robber barons will threaten þone Norwegiscan geweald (contrived Old English) even although the Foundation is not their re­spons­ibility. The Vikings may have got it wrong last year by giving it to Barack Obama about five minutes after he arrived at the White House, but this year they got it right.

[16.08.14. Consequently, a Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to the Chinese author, Mo Yan. While I’m sure he’s an excellent, deserving writer, the prize was probably politics more than anything else to shut the Party up.]


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