“It lives, Igor! It lives!”

Igor looked a little sceptical.

Porsche Cayman S

On the bench lay a strange human-like creature, a corpse constructed out of parts of corpses. The head and torso were Maria Schnitzel, the prostitute who had got drunk, tripped over the railway tracks, and had been torn in half by the 8.15am to Frankfurt. The left arm was large and tattooed, and even Igor had to admire the Doctor’s skill in grafting it onto an unsuitable body. He did not asked how the arm fitted into the socket of Maria’s shoulder. The right arm was still too large for a woman’s body, but more delicate than the left, and had belonged to the writer, Walter Schreiberling, who had died from an overdose of opium just in time to involuntarily donate his limb to science. The pelvis and thighs belonged to a notorious Dutch smuggler, Jan van Drijver, who had fallen into the North Sea and had been bitten in half by a killer whale, which had then beached itself with the lower half of the body left exposed. Seagulls had pecked away at the lower legs rendering them useless for the Doctor’s purpose, but he had skilfully joined the torso and legs together. The missing legs had come from a homeless man, and a soldier who had misplaced the rest of his body during a ferocious bombardment.

“Now to attach the electrodes,” said the Doctor. There was a pause. “But this time not to me.”

All right, Live Writer doesn’t quite work with WordPress in the same way it worked with Spaces. I had to manually edit the img tag so that the picture would float on the left-hand side of the text. I also see that the line spacing in Live Writer is rather like the default line spacing in Word at 1.15 rather than 1. Now for the acid test – uploading a new post.

28.06.13. Edited the HTML mainly to fix the text size. Because Nanny blocked WP, Live Writer became unusable and, in truth, it’s easier to use WP’s online editor.

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