Time well spent

Irony and sarcasm – two for the price of one.
My Porsche 911 GT3 (Matchbox) Peter insisted that we should turn up at school horrifically early yester­day morning. What hap­pen­ed? No­thing until well after 10.00am when we finally had our meeting. The re­sults of that are that I’m teaching PAL 2 and 3, and both AS classes (i.e., my little darlings from last year). In a change from the advertised programme, I’ll be spared any A2 teaching, which means that I’ll never have to deal with the old AS1 class. Mind you, I have the new AS2 class (i.e., last year’s PAL 2 class) which has more than its fair share of vegetables.
I’ll be seeing the PAL classes five times a week each and the AS classes four times a week. No actual change, and the advantage is that I’ve already taught the material and have the lesson plans.
We didn’t have to go to school quite so early this morning, but having sat around for two hours, waiting to go over to the library for the textbooks, we were eventually informed that it wasn’t going to be happening, to which Peter added that I may as well stay away until next Monday.
(By the way, the picture has no relevance to the entry.)

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