Trouble in the

Agora is the story of the astronomer and philosopher, Hypatia of Alexandria, who is trying to work out the mysteries of the heavens while an intolerant sect of Christians seeks to control religion in the city. As a consequence of a battle between the Pagans and Christians, official control of the library is entrusted to the latter who promptly vandalise the building and destroy the contents. And having done with the promotion of ignorance, the Christians then promote intolerance by attacking the Jews who eventually flee from the city.
With ignorance and intolerance established in Alexandria, Cyril, the leader of the fanatics, now turns to misogyny, which is directed specifically at Hypatia, who is accused of being a witch. She is seized by Cyril’s pious thugs and taken to the church where they intend to stone her. A former slave who became one of the followers of Cyril and Ammonius suffocates her first to spare her the agony of such a death. It is assumed that Hypatia, whose writings do not survive, worked out that the orbits of the planets are elliptical, something which Kepler determined in the 17th century.
The target of the film seems to be the deleterious effects of religious fanaticism, although Christianity is not necessarily the sole aim since the behaviour of Cyril and his mob could be likened to the behaviour of the Taliban.
Although this is a Spanish film, the dialogue is in English even if the start and end text is in Spanish with an English translation.
The Chinese title is 时间之雾 (Shíjiān zhī Wù) which I take to mean Fog of Time. Doesn’t make any sense, but unless you know that ἀγορά means “market place”, the title of the film won’t make any sense either.

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