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Time for another dose of Showtime quirkiness with the story of a group of people who have attempted to commit suicide. It stars Krysten Ritter, who seems to be the pseudo-goth chick in just about everything these days. She was in Breaking Bad and I’ve seen her in various other things. I know I’ve seen Ivan Sergei in other things although I’m damned if I know what. His character is known to the world as Suicide Dummy after he drove his car off the edge of a cliff and ended up landing in the swimming pool of a liner during a gay cruise. Other members of the cast include Ving Rhames as a former baseball player who’s now confined to a wheelchair, and Rachel Hunter, who was a well-known model last century and former wife of Rod Stewart.
In the background, there is a man, Miller (played by one of the programme’s creators), claiming to be a detective, who watches them. It turns out that he believes Ritter’s father, who established a trust fund for him, killed his mother.
Gravity is an adult comedy drama which got cancelled after being less popular than Starz hoped. Perhaps American audiences couldn’t cope with the ideas of suicide and comedy in the same programme.

Toy Story 3.
I was curious to see whether Toy Story could survive a third outing or whether it’d worn out its welcome like Shrek. Andy hasn’t played with his toys in years and is now off to college. He decides to take Woody with him and put the rest in the attic, but by mistake his mother puts them out in the rubbish. They manage to get out of that predicament and are shipped off to Sunnyside, which seems to be a suitable place for them. Instead, it’s a nightmare when they end up in the hands of children who are too young to treat them well. Somehow, they have to escape from Sunnyside and get back to Andy, but they have to get past the other toys first.
Eventually, they make it back to Andy’s house and he donates them to a little girl who will care for toys.
I kept thinking as I was watching this that I ought to recognise some of the references. I assume that after Buzz got set to demo mode, the scene where the toys had been imprisoned was a parody of Shawshank, but wondered whether it might be a parody of The Green Mile. The scene in which Laszlo got dumped in the skip by the giant baby was probably a parody of the scene in which Darth Vader disposed of the emperor in The Return of the Jedi.
This was a darker episode of Toy Story than I remember either of the first two being, but I wonder whether the film might’ve been aimed at the generation who saw the first film and might want to relive the nostalgia.

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