All the pics that are fit to post


I’ve uploaded pictures from the trip to Hong Kong and Macao to SkyDrive. Scroll down the page to find the link to Hong Kong 2010 on the left-hand side. [01.07.13. The pictures will still be there on Skydrive, but the link didn’t make the jump from Spaces to WordPress.] 

And since you’re already here…

Public Enemies.

I bought this film again because the copy I first purchased was cinema-taped crap. The sound was atrocious and the picture not much better. The film is about the end of the life of John Dillinger as the Bureau of Investigation closed in on him after he slipped through their hands more than once. In spite of the action sequences, the film managed to be fairly dull as if it was trying to be a docudrama.

Iron Man 2.

Pirated from Russia, but not suffering from that irritating tendency of such DVDs to have mixed Russian and English soundtracks. I don’t quite know how they managed to squeeze more than an hour out of this one. A deranged Russian physicist goes after Tony Stark and teams up with one of Stark’s commercial competitors. There’s a big fight against some robots, then the main villain, and then Stark rescues Pepper Potts. Depth, where is thy sting.


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