Series 3.
The first series of Torchwood tried to be adult, but the idea was a miserable failure. The second series reverted to sci fi and was the better for it. While the third series was also sci fi, it concentrated on a single story about a bunch of aliens who came to Earth demanding 10% of the planet’s children so that they could get stoned on them.
Civil servant: So you’re technologically advanced.
Alien [long pause]: Yes.
Civil servant: And you need to wire children up to you to get stoned.
Alien [long pause]: Yes.
Civil servant: Then why can’t you use your advanced technology to synthesise the chemicals instead?
Alien [long pause]: Dude, we’re like totally stoned.
Civil servant: Worst aliens evah.
I’m sure the story is meant to be some sort of satire on something. Are the aliens meant to represent overprotective parents who have their children perpetually tied to them?
Anyway, Cap’n Jack had to sacrifice his own grandson to defeat the stoner aliens, alienating his daughter in the process, before alienising (it’s a word; no, really; all right, so I’m using it with a different meaning) himself at the end of the final episode.
Not RTD’s finest hour or so.

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