Rain, rain

You know the rest of the rhyme.
The topsy-turvy weather continues. We’ve had brilliantly clear days. We’ve had a day with such thick fog that I couldn’t see the canal. And today we’ve had a day when it’s been so humid that the buildings are sweating. The floors of the building at school were wet in spite of the rain, not because of it. There was fog in the subterranean bike park at school. There’s condensation on the outside of the windows of this building. The humidity level is about 80% at the moment, and it’s exceptionally dull and grey.
The return to school hasn’t been a comedy of errors in as much as it’s just been of errors. I went into school two days ago, but no one had the keys to the office. I went in yesterday with the same result but met Caleb who did have a key to the office, and I was able to claim a desk. We had Internet access, but no printers (that’s now been solved), and the photocopier had almost no paper left. That’s now extended to the printers as well.
To make matters worse, someone broke the key in the lock of the door to the photocopier, although without any paper the machine is about as useful as sun cream is here right now.
I was going to indulge the PAL 2 class because this is another instance of a holiday coming to a conclusion at the arse end of a week, but there’s no Internet access in the classroom. I tried haiku poetry from the Writing Course with them, but the first class finished before the whole exercise could founder on their apathy to creativity, and in the second I left them to their own devices. There was no point in starting any formal lessons with them this week because it’d only put them ahead of PAL 1.
AS 1 also seemed to be suffering from the same absence of Internet access, but that appeared to affect the operation of Windows Media Player. Fortunately, it was possible to use a different media player, but it took some time to sort things out. Overall, I think the class set the tone for the term – one of witless indifference on the part of the students. Various students were absent, and a number were late to class. They’re going to have to do listening until the photocopier is sorted.
And there you have the start of the second term.

One thought on “Rain, rain”

  1. Sounds like Telecom here. They have really stuffed up their new XT cellular system and the Internet was down this morning. After a 3rd or 4th XT crash one of the heads has resigned, but the big chief, a Scotsman on $5 million salary is bull—–ing his way through it. Time for a Muldoon style government takeover? Pigs might fly with the right wing lot running the show (or trying to) at present.

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