The poster boy for irony

Or, as we know it, China.

wuxi_ironyI wasn’t going to mention the outcome of the climate change talks in Copenhagen or my utter lack of surprise that it was sabotaged or the identity of the saboteur. What was the rest of the world expecting? But when I got back from lunch this afternoon, I decided to re-enter the building through the lifts from the lower ground floor. As I was passing the notice board just near the outside door, I noticed this poster, which I couldn’t resist snapping for its irony value. There’s some double irony because the English is real English and not Chinglish as I’d expect. 

Of course, the poster is ambiguous because it could be a call to combat change for the better; and after what happened in Copenhagen, I’m inclined to suspect that’s its actual intention.

Meanwhile, it seems to be painting week in Wuxi. The local council is having 江尖桥 painted, and the posts on the outside of the walkway on the island. There were some council workers repainting the road markings at the intersection last week. In fact, the work at school, which currently seems to be the upgrading of the piping at the front and the renovation or demolition of buildings on the north side, may be part of all this. Scaffolding went up around the lighthouse on the island a couple of days ago, and there are now some people on it who appear to be cleaning the rust (?) off the metallic bands that run around the circumference between each set of glass panels.

I guess that the redecoration is early preparation for the Spring Festival, although that’s about six weeks away. As for the work at school, there’s no sign that we’re about to be moved yet. That should really be done during the holiday or after the final exams when it’s going to cause the least disruption. I did wonder why anyone would have us moving this month.

Meanwhile, the sun continues to shine and the weather continues to be as cold as charity. Perhaps we’re in for an early spring next year.


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