Tales from the School of Irony

Are you sure that’s the title you want, Mr Kearns?

I went to the Xinhua Bookshop on 人民中路 this afternoon. It was for an unofficial, semi-official visit. As I was looking through the rather eclectic collection of foreign-language books on the shelves, I espied the title How Tiger Does It. Yeah, how that Tiger [Woods; the golfer] does it. I wonder whether Brad Kearns is regretting his unfortunate choice of title. I should’ve checked to see whether it was sub-titled “And who he does it with”.

Meanwhile, from a non-ironic school I see the spam pests are having a good shit over my blogspot blog, and there’s not a thing I can do about it. These nuisances are clearly from Taiwan (trad. chars.) and probably targeting any blogs written by people trapped on the mainland because they know that we probably can’t do anything about it. Meanwhile, I found that Project Gutenberg is now viewable for the first time in years. I wonder if that’s because there’s been a change of management and thus a change of IP address.

My big day today was not my big day. We were merely auditioning in front of a group of teachers who were deciding whether Class 15’s act should be included in the Christmas concert. As things stand, our little drama needs much more work.

Meanwhile, this seems to be demolition season in Wuxi. Not only are the old houses on the far side of the island being demolished, but some other blocks of flats a bit further over on the other side of the canal have suddenly been turned to rubble. The flats next to the nursery school in our complex appear to have had their roofs removed, but that seems to have been the sole intention of that exercise. I’m sure if Marco Polo had headed this way in the 13th century, he would’ve written in this diary:

We rode towards the town of Wuxi, but when we got there, there were only piles of bricks. When our guide asked a local man whether we were actually in the town, he replied that it had been demolished, but would be rebuilt shortly. Our man asked him whether he was at all inconvenienced, he said with a shrug that such things happened there at least once a week.


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