Incident at Jinma

Conflagration at Corruption Towers!
Local twit burns washing.
Clothing retailers predict an increase in November profits.
wuxi_fire01 I got home for lunch to find a group of people, including two camera crews and a couple of policemen, standing around in the turning circle outside Building 36. They were looking up at some­thing, but I couldn’t tell what until I got up to my place and had a look out of the window. It appears that someone either on the 16th or 17th floor set fire to their washing. Whether it was done deliberately or was an accident, I don’t know, but I’d say the latter seems more likely since the police didn’t seem especially bothered when I entered the building. The charred remains of whatever caught fire are on the window ledges and the fire, it seems, was wholly external.
So there you are. A world exclusive from the Mr Bamboo News Agency (a wholly independent subsidiary of Mr Bamboo plc).
Intrepid local reporters cover the story.
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3 thoughts on “Incident at Jinma”

  1. It turned out to have been caused by a stray cigarette butt (if I understood the notice correctly).We had another film crew here today, but that might’ve been for advertising. They didn’t seem to be reporting on some exciting news story.

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