At long last, the end of term arrives

What?! That was only a week?!

I’m not sure my brain can cope with joined-up writing at the moment, and thus I cannot vouch for the coherence of this entry. The days keep starting early, ending late, and being occupied in between with matters that merely seem to be expanding to fill the void. I’m hoping that things will start to calm down in the next week or two and I’m able to judge what seems to be a reasonable quantity of lesson plan for each double period. 

Of course, that got a little harder because the Jiangsu Board of Education decided that we should switch to 45 minute periods. That was going to happen after the National Day Holiday, but those impish wee scamps decided to implement that this Monday. Somehow I’ve lost five classes in the process, although it’s just not done to let me have a reasonable quantity of work. I can guess what the Leader has in mind to replace the missing classes, and I have some ideas myself. The problem is that I can’t think of things that quite fit into the rigidly structured world of the school day. [31.08.13. Ironically, we switched back to 40-minute classes last year.] 

For example, the A2 students are meant to have a series of lectures as part of their university preparation. I could contribute a few lectures, but writing lectures is not some activity that ends with the university day. The problem is that you aren’t compensated directly for working out of hours. At work, I’m concerned about preparing for my important classes and since, officially, I won’t be teaching the A2 class, why should I put in a lot of extra work for them? 

I could offer coursework support classes, but that’s a little nebulous, which is indicative of the whole business. I end up being nebulous in a milieu that’s completely rigid. Doesn’t seem to matter how long I’m out of the university system, I feel a distinct antipathy towards the dull scholastic routine. In fact, compulsory education was not invented to improve the lives of most of the people who suffered it, but to train them to accept the dull grind of working life afterwards. 

And as for “early to bed, early to rise”, that’s propaganda designed to deceive employees into imitating the workaholism of their no-life bosses. All work and no play makes Jack a manager. ETB-ETR merely leaves me tired and brain dead. A good day is one when I rise at my own pace, easing myself into the day, and not feeling that debilitating pressure to be at work at some fixed hour not of my choosing. I still do the same amount of work, but at a different time. Though I still have to do the job, I’d feel that I still retain some control over my life instead of being someone else’s puppet. 

What’s wrong with time at the moment? This afternoon I kept glancing at the clock, convinced that a great deal more time had passed than actually had. On some occasions, the hands of the clock did not seem to have moved at all. (I’m sure the clock works and isn’t right only twice a day.) 

Monday sees both the implementation of the new timetable and a visit by Davros and his dalek minions. Davros is new to China and like other self-important idiot foreigners who come here, he thinks to impose a foreign regimen on a country where things are somewhat more relaxed (– schizophrenically: officially, rigid and unbending like wood; unofficially, as flexible as grass). We would not be the warders, but merely another kind of prisoner.

Anyway, I’m not quite sure what got me to this particular point in time, but I’m typing as if I’m drunk, which I’m not. Either the keyboard has shrunk or my fingers have grown big and fat. I think that’s enough for this entry.


3 thoughts on “At long last, the end of term arrives”

  1. All play and no work also makes Jack a dull boy, Neddy! "Think of the money, Money, MONEY!!" says Moriarty. A potion for your fingers: Soak in red wine frequently and suck with a loud smacking sound. In time you won’t be able to see your fat fingers or the keyboard!!

  2. Or hear yourself jibbering drunkenly about Davros. Who’s he? it? A sort of Inspector from Siberia or, worse, the USA?PS The rest of the DVDs are on their way.

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