Somewhat busy

To say the least.

Yesterday was a mixture of time-wasting and business as I prepared for classes today. I wasn’t deliberately wasting time, but I was unable to do my job properly because my computer at school not only has ubuntu on it (and no one knows the username or password), but the spare machine in our office is sluggish, unreliable, and unstable, and possibly unsafe.

Planning for double periods is going to be an enormous pain. [31.08.13. Not really, as it turns out.] When I was able to use a computer, I spent all my time putting the lessons together and hoping like hell that I had enough material for two classes. I did have enough for the AS class this morning, but it doesn’t help matters that we don’t have the textbooks and that the system of photocopying is grossly inefficient and potentially disruptive.

The AS class was all right, although some of those kids should definitely not be in there and all of them are deluding themselves about getting into Ivy League or Russell Group universities. [31.08.13. No, this class was not all right. They had a serious attitude problem and ranged from one student who went to Oxford to those who couldn’t have tied their shoelaces with­out garrotting themselves. I don’t know whether the class had been poisoned by my predecessors or whether they were toxic  to begin with.]

Posts here may be a little bit few and far between until things settle down.

[31.08.13. Four years later and it’s more of the same. We come in a week early, but the rest of the school isn’t here, which means I can’t get any industrial-strength photocopying done. (Necessary because we don’t use a textbook.) The first week is a matter of survival. I’m regretting throwing the rest of the handouts at the A2s last term. I could’ve done with them.]


2 thoughts on “Somewhat busy”

  1. They were trying to fix the computers rather than replace them. The problem, in part, was the networked printer. Reminds me of the Arts Faculty LAN at Manchester, which often crashed because of ptoblems when someone tried to print something out.

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