There goes another milestone


wuxi_evening01Two and a half days ago, the clouds gathered and it eventually started raining. Two days ago, we might’ve seen the eclipse, but it rained almost all day. Yesterday it was overcast and very hazy, which in Wuxi seems to suggest that it may start raining at any moment. Of course, it rained a little in the afternoon, but saved its heaviest downpour for the evening when I happened to be at Carrefour. I knew something was up because a large group of people had gathered at the exit from 保利. It was a short-lived thunderstorm and I actually barely got wet at all in the end. I did at least have my umbrella with me. 

I went to the Sichuan restaurant across the road from 保利, but that turned out to be a slightly posher affair than I was expecting. Because it was up on the first floor, I couldn’t tell exactly what I was going to find inside, but it’s the sort of restaurant where people go in mobs rather than singly. The 宫保鸡丁 was actually decent enough, but it wasn’t a dish intended for one person.

Anyway, the weather has left me stranded inside. Two days ago it was raining and yesterday, there was the perpetual threat of imminent rain. The cloud has broken up a little with hints of blue sky and even a threat of a little sunshine. There might be a short adventure this afternoon. (I’m thinking about a circumnavigation of 惠山.)

But while I’ve been idle,[1] I see that Green Bamboo has now passed 60,000 hits, although that’s mostly from searches via bing (formerly Windows Live Search) on indefinite subjects. I have no idea who the 60,000th caller was. That was 109 visits ago.

1. Actually, I haven’t been that idle, although I was a little yesterday when the afternoon became snooze time. The point is that just because there’s nothing worth posting here [Like this whole entry. –ed.], it doesn’t mean that I’m not busy doing something else.

2 thoughts on “There goes another milestone”

  1. 60,000 hits and I’m still reading JohnI had a brief breakdown! *long story* and my own site I deleted last October, but I’m still here watching the movements of Green Bamboo :-)Sam X

  2. Thanks for persevering, Sam. Sorry to hear you’ve had problems. Hope your recovery is progressing.

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