Back to shops you once did know

So, you going to rain or what?

No major adventure today partly because reality reminded me that I needed to go to Carrefour to buy supplies and partly because the weather god, 天气, had on a face that was less amicable than it’s been of late. The first time I tried to venture out to Carrefour, it’d started raining, although that might be better described as a manifestation of hyperactive humidity. It doesn’t seem to have lasted long and I went to Carrefour and back without being threatened. But 天气 might yet have something up his sleeve because the haze is looking dark and grim again.

It was an expensive day. This morning I found that I needed to buy four new light bulbs. There are energy-saving bulbs in this building, which are a little costly (¥15 each), but I was able to get something a little more powerful than the pitiful bulbs which had been fitted when I got here. This place was more like a hotel room than a flat. The situation wasn’t helped by the light shades, which reduced the amount of illumination even further. I’ve removed them from study and the bedroom and now have a decently lit room.

This afternoon I was having a look through the selection of foreign wines at Carrefour. At least they have a selection unlike Carrefour in the Fortune Centre or even the one on 八宝街. Since the bottle I bought at Metro was almost finished, I needed a replacement.

Tomorrow will also be expensive. I was having a look at what bookcases they do have in Carrefour. There’s one which seems to be fairly solid and which it might be possible to dismantle for easy transport. But I’m going to need not less than two of them, and if my rough calculation of the amount of linear space I require is correct, I’ll have precious little spare space for expansion.


2 thoughts on “Back to shops you once did know”

  1. How many Chinese does it take to manufacture an energy saving light bulb and does the energy they expend exceed the square root of E = MC squared? Incidentally, I don’t like energy saving bulb much as they give off a dull light to begin with and tend to glow yellow rather than brightly once warmed up.

  2. I bought the bigger bulbs, which actually give off fairly decent illumination. The smaller ones are feeble and emit an orange-coloured light.

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